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How to Choose The Right Trolling Motors
A trolling motor is great for fishing a larger area than you could by just drifting. It’s also much better than firing up your outboard motor to move around. Trolling motors are quiet and won’t scare fish away like an outboard will. This allows you to be more mobile on the water and search out pockets of active fish. Because of this, a trolling motor is well worth investment to any angler. However, there are a lot of things to consider before you buy a trolling motor.

Importance of Thrust to Move Through the Water
One of the main things to consider about trolling motors is how much thrust they provide. A trolling motor with more thrust can push a bigger boat through rougher waters. To determine how much thrust you’ll need, think about the size of your boat and the nature of the water you’ll be fishing. A small jon boat in a small, private lake won’t require as much thrust as a full-size fishing boat on the great lakes. Long story short, the bigger your boat and the rougher the water you fish in, the more thrust you’ll need from your trolling motor to control it. Most trolling motors will state the length and weight of the boat they’re designed for on their packaging or brochures.
Our new brushless trolling motors are designed to use with large boats in strong winds or rougher waters.
Our brushless trolling motors from 80lbs to 180lbs can be used for boats weight even up to 1,000-4,000kgs. 
Batteries and Voltage
When it comes to the voltage you’ll need for your trolling motor, it’s all about endurance. The things to consider to determine what you need are how often you fish and how long you stay on the water. If you only fish a few hours at a time on the weekends, a 12-volt system will serve you well. If you fish multiple times per week from dawn til dusk, you’ll want to invest in a 24-volt or 48-volt trolling motor system. A 12-volt system runs on one 12-volt deep cycle marine battery, and a 24-volt (48-volt) runs on two (four) of them in series, or a single 24-volt (48-volt) lithium battery.
Shaft Length
Shaft length is important for optimum control of your boat. If the shaft chosen is too short, the prop may not be sufficiently submerged during rough or adverse conditions. If it is too long, shallow water operation may pose a continuous problem. Finding the appropriate length for the size of craft you own will ensure safe and carefree boating. The shaft length is dictated by the height of the bow or stern. Deep V boats will require a longer shaft, whereas the shortest length will adequately serve canoes or kayaks.


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