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Over 18 years focusing on electric trolling motors and accessories.

The only thing that remains unchanged is the quality of our products and our good reputation.

Our marine electric motors enjoy a good reputation in the professional field of domestic markets and exporting abroad, and the quality of our products, the design appearance, and the coating materials are all in accordance with the European Union CE standard.

Our marine brushless electric trolling motors 12V/24V/48V have the advantages of low noise, no pollution, easy installation, and good operation etc, our motors are widely used in the fields of fishing boats, electric boats, short-distance water transportation and urban river cleaning. Because of the reliable quality of our products and the fashionable appearance, they are popular among the professional fishermen and other users.

International famous fishing brand Daiwa, Nissanmarine and so on supporting the use of our electric motors.

International Lure Fishing Tournaments, the State Oceanic Administration Research Institute and other businesses have been using our brushless electric motors.

Our factory can provide professional maintenance and have sufficient spare parts for after-sale service, so that customers can buy and use our motors happily. 

Service & Support

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